• 2½‎ x 3½‎ inch art of any human(ish) character (fanart, your OC, whatever), in warm greyscale or full color
  • Created using marker, watercolor, colored pencil, and ink on illustration board
  • Please provide references (can be artwork, or photos to demonstrate the desired facial structure). Also let me know about any other details like the expression you want, their complexion, etc. Anything you don’t describe or provide a reference for will be left to my interpretation! (You can be purposely vague if you want and leave me to my own devices. :3)
  • The image will be a front view portrait with bare shoulders and a plain background (and a halo if you want one). See the samples! :O
  • I will show you the pencil drawing for any corrections, but after that there will be NO REVISIONS!
  • The price is $25 USD each (plus $1 for shipping outside the USA), to be paid with Paypal before I begin the work. I have limited cards right now, so I don’t want to end up using one and not getting paid. D:

For now, I can only do six cards! (I have more on order.)

  1.  Shannon
  2.  Mer
  3.  Linnéa
  4.  Amy
  5.  Birdy
  6.  Rina

DO NOT SEND AN ASK, they’re unreliable! Please e-mail me: dieitachi at gmail dot com.

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